JobKeeper Payment Scheme Fact Sheet – Are You Eligible?


As you are all aware there is a lot of information out there regarding various funding available from the government to assist us through the Coronavirus pandemic.Ā  One of these is the Job keeper payment which is available to employers for their employees but also now to sole traders, partnerships, trusts and companies if there are individuals in these structures not drawing a wage through the PAYG withholding system.

We are trying to get to all of you personally to assess your eligibility and process your applications for this.Ā  However time is against us at the moment if you need to claim these payments for the fortnights ending 12th and 26th April, 2020 as we need to notify the ATO by 26th April, 2020.

Please read the Fact Sheet below and if you feel you need to clarify anything donā€™t hesitate just call us on 08 8379 9501.Ā  If you believe you are eligible for April you need to enrol on the ATO portal via your MyGovID and have this done by 26th April, 2020.Ā  If you also need assistance with this call us as well and we will attend to this for you.

COVID 19 JobKeeper Payment Scheme Fact Sheet


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